When I first saw cleansing conditioner in a page of the beauty supply ad I kind of rolled my eyes, thinking it was just another thing to spend money on.

BUT as I started to hear a little about it I was intrigued and decided I should I look into this new product.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about cleansing conditioner!

What is cleansing conditioner?

  • “a low-lathering, fast-rinsing, soap-free formula” intended to clean hair gently
  • used in place of traditional shampoo and conditioner
  • applied to wet hair, combed and left on for about 5 minutes.

I bought the Matrix Biolage cleansing conditioner for medium hair.  I’m glad I tried it! I really like this product and I really like the price.

A few great things:

  • this conditioner smells wonderful
  • there are a variety of formulas based on your hair type/needs as well as corresponding styling products.
  • the conditioner is a nice consistency and rinses out of the hair without a greasy feeling.

I use mine every few times that I wash my hair.  The days I have a lot of product I use my regular shampoo and conditioner, otherwise I use this.  Note, I wash my hair every other day because it is dry.

My bottle has lasted awhile but when I use it up I would like to try the formula for curly hair and eventually try some other brands to see how they compare.

cleansing conditioner

cleansing conditioner


Have you tried a cleansing conditioner?

Do you want to?