Recovering from a bad day is not always easy.  It seems like the more you have going on the harder it can be to separate things in your mind. But, it is important, for mental health, to be able to clear your mind each night, get some good rest and start fresh in the morning. Coffee (caffeine), chocolate (serotonin), cupcakes (sugar and um-yum!), cardio (endorphins) and cuddling (endorphins again) can turn my day around.  (I happen to think its very ironic that they all start with the letter C.)

But maybe those are not enough for you, or you do not like coffee or chocolate.  Here are some other ways I relax and refresh.

How to Recover From a Bad Day

   Allow yourself a break: sometimes I need a few hours or a day to mope around. I tell myself it’s okay to be upset for a short amount of time- but DO NOT let it own you.

Watch YouTube videos: I’m a “popaholic” and love watching Dr. Sandra Lee (gross, I know).  Check out her channel. Some other favorites are Casey Holmes, The Small Things Blog and LoveMelisaMichelle. What’s better than distracting your thoughts AND getting some glam tips?

Read: a book, magazine or article online reading helps distract me from whatever is on my mind

Think (and say) positive words and thoughts: Bible verses, inspirational quotes, giving yourself a pep talk- whatever it may be to remind you that this is temporary and it will get better

Take a shower or bath: add in some candle light to make it seriously relaxing and peaceful. Find my favorite candles here.

Work out: Get endorphins flowing. A little cardio usually works wonders for me, obviously, but moving around in anyway and getting my blood flowing feels so good

Catch up on my favorite TV shows: some of my favorites are Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, How to Get Away with Murder, Empire and Law & Order SVU. I definitely have too many shows on my DVR though so who knows what I end up watching

Check items off your to-do list: this may sound silly, but I always feel better knowing that I got a few things done

Find a way to laugh: laughing creates a  physical response and will more than likely help shake your blues

Get some sleep: I always feel better after a night of rest

What do you do to de-stress after a rough day?

Here’s to happy days and lots of whatever makes you happy 🙂

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