It’s no secret that a good self-tan makes me feel like a new woman. And I love doing it at home to save money. But self-tanning does take some time to apply every week, plus any upkeep throughout the week. Sound familiar? Well, here’s a simple self-tan tip that will help it last longer!

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Long-Lasting Self-Tan Tip

Are you ready for this life-changing self-tan tip? Set your tan with powder. That’s it! Simple, right? If you’ve ever gotten a spray tan, they probably set it with powder. So, why not do the same thing at home? If you’re thinking that setting your whole body with powder will take too long, I agree! Instead, focus on areas that tend to wear off quickly. For me, that’s usually my inner elbow and my neck. Just like with makeup, setting your tan with powder will help it last longer. It will also help it dry faster after you apply!

When I first tried this trick I was using a translucent powder from my makeup bag. But, then I found Body Dust Top-to-Toe Powder by Megababe. This powder is designed to absorb sweat which is great while your self-tan is developing.  Not only is this a matte powder, but it’s also free of talc, aluminum, and parabens. 

Long-Lasting Self-Tan Tip | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Like to apply self-tanner at home but feel like it doesn't last long? Here's a simple self-tan tip that will help it last longer! 

How To Use

I prefer to use a dense makeup brush to apply the powder. After my tan has dried for a few minutes, I sprinkle some of the powder onto my brush, tap off the excess and then press it into my skin. Again, I like to use this on areas that wear quickly or take longer to dry like my inner elbow, ankles, knees, neck, and wrists. The powder does come off on my clothes because I apply a lot of it, but I haven’t noticed any issues with staining.

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