I love trying new beauty trends.  When I see a YouTube guru share new makeup tips I’ve not tried I get excited and figure out how to duplicate it on myself. Do you do this too? But, I’ve noticed that sometimes these techniques do NOT look flawless and fabulous on me. And I wonder, is it me? My skin? My product? What is happening?

I’ve realized that not all of these trends are made for all skin types and needs.  In fact, not all of these trends actually work. To help myself, and you, I’ve compiled a list of makeup tips and tricks I’ve seen over the years that seem to be more versatile.

 Makeup Tips and Tricks

  • Apply finishing powder only on the places that get oily.  This usually happens in the t-zone.  Putting too much powder on, or in areas that do not need it can cause a cakey finish.  Or worse, it can cling to dry patches- nope!
  • Don’t line your entire top and bottom lash line.  Doing this actually closes your eye off, making it look smaller. Instead, line 2/3 of the outer portion of both top and bottom lashes.
  • Stop pumping your mascara wand in the tube! Seriously, this causes the mascara to dry out and spreads all sorts of bacteria, ew! Twist the wand instead.
  • Use a skin color concealer under your eyes.  I know its ALL about highlighting your face right now, but using too light of a shade can actually intensify the dark circles. Your under eye skin is very thin, so applying a concealer to cover first, and then a light shade to brighten can cause some serious creasing, be careful with that too.
  • Use liner to fill in your entire lip before applying your lip color.  This will increase the longevity of the product as well as create a fuller more defined lip.

Hopefully some of these will work for you. If nothing else, it’s always fun to play with makeup and try something new!

What are your favorite makeup tip or trick?

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