Hello, hello! Since we’re still under a Stay at Home Order here in Illinois, I thought I’d share some more tips for DIY beauty you can do at home. This time, let’s talk manicures! Having my nails painted helps me feel put together. I do a mani at home once a week, or so.

I want this to be a quick post, so I’ll share the products in the order I use them and keep the descriptions brief. Have you found that a lot of the things you normally buy are out of stock during quarantine? Or shipping takes forever? Same. So, the linked products are suggestions to show you examples of what I use but of course, anything similar will work.

Products I Use for a Mani at Home

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 Nail polish remover – I start by taking off the previous color.

Cuticle Eraser – I rub this into all my fingers (around the nail), then use an orangewood stick to push back the cuticle. Gently, of course!

File – It’s pretty self-explanatory what I use the file for, haha.  If I need to remove excess length or want more of a square shape, I use nail clippers before I file. Just a quick note about nail file grit –  the higher the number, the smoother the grit. About 180 is good for your natural nails.

Buffer – Just a slight buff is all that’s needed. Like with a file, light pressure is enough to smooth out the nail. The goal is to make sure there’s no leftover polish or cuticle stuck to the nail, NOT to remove layers of the nail.

5. Base Coat – I prefer to use a strengthening/treatment formula as a base coat.  Number 2 from NailTek is my fave!

Drying Spray – Drying spray has made my mani at home much more efficient. I spray this a few minutes after each coat is applied. After the topcoat, too!

 Color – I typically do 2 coats of color, letting each coat dry before the next step.  Lately, I tend to prefer Essie polish, but I also have a lot of OPI colors and brands like Morgan Taylor, as well.  Any polish will do!

Top Coat 1 & 2 – I have 2 top coats that I prefer. This fast-drying one is a good option, too.

A few weeks ago,  I ordered a dip polish kit that I’m hoping comes soon! I’ve always wanted to try dip and it seems like quarantine is a perfect time. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, I’m sticking to my good ole regular nail polish.

Do you do your mani at home?

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Thanks for reading! Hope you are staying healthy and well.

Mani at Home - Products I Use | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Since we're still under a Stay at Home Order here in IL, I thought I'd share some more tips for DIY beauty. Let's talk about how I do a mani at home!