Let me be real.  This site is not what it could be.  So, I’m bringing it new life with a new vision. Starting a new job and working on other online projects on top of this takes a lot of time and I truly haven’t given the time needed to create quality posts.

But, I don’t want to keep making excuses.  What’s the point of this if no one really reads it and the author doesn’t feel good about it?  Um, there isn’t one.

My New Vision

Caitlin Cosmetologist is getting a makeover! Don’t we all love makeovers? My improved site will:

  • have better blogs with better material!
  • share more personal details so we can relate with each other!
  • include more products recommendations or reviews!
  • use more pictures and links!

annnndddd I will start a new posting schedule. Instead of posting twice a week, I will publish a blog once a week.  This will give me more time to achieve all of items I listed above rather than rushing to put something together.

My blog is always a work in progress. Your patience is appreciated as I  implement these new ideas and learn the best way to add pictures, etc.

Thoughts on my new vision?

Anything else you would like to see?

Thank you for being a part of CC!