Mani at Home - Products I Use | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Since we're still under a Stay at Home Order here in IL, I thought I'd share some more tips for DIY beauty. Let's talk about how I do a mani at home!

Mani at Home – Products I Use


Hello, hello! Since we’re still under a Stay at Home Order here in Illinois, I thought I’d share some more tips for DIY beauty you can do at home. This time, let’s talk manicures!

Hair Tips for Quarantine | Caitlin Cosmetologist | With everything going on, we just want to feel like ourselves. Here are some hair tips for quarantine that will help you feel a little more put together.

Hair Tips for Quarantine


Every 7 weeks, I get my hair cut (trimmed if you will) to keeps the shape. My appointment was scheduled for the week after the city shut salons down soooo, my hair is definitely

Self-Tanner | Tips | DIY | How to Apply | For Fair Skin As an avid self-tanner I must have a post with my best tips on my blog! Includes techniques for a natural glow - especially even starting with a pale base.

A Pale Gal’s Guide to Self-Tanner


There are so many posts out there with tips for using self-tanner. But, as an avid self-tanner, I must have one on here on my blog, too. I’ve been self-tanning here and there for

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What Self-Care Means to Me + Ideas


I wanted to get this post up in May because it was Mental Health Awareness Month. But life happens and here we are … in June. (holy cow!)  To be honest, I can’t believe

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Affordable Makeup Tools


Have you ever heard anyone say that your products will only be as good as your makeup tools? It may not be true across the board but there are definitely some tools, specifically brushes,