February 7, 2019

Affordable Makeup Tools

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Have you ever heard anyone say that your products will only be as good as your makeup tools? It may not be true across the board but there are definitely some tools, specifically brushes, that are better than others. Even

Wearable Fall Trends | 2018 | Outfits | For Women | Fashion
October 4, 2018

Wearable Fall Trends


There are many trends I’m loving this season but, let’s be real. I’m also making an effort to invest in versatile basics that I’ll actually get my use out of.

Spring + Summer Wish List | Spring Style | Trends | Fashion | Outfits | Women | Accessories | Makeup
April 9, 2018

Spring + Summer Wish List


Hello, friend! How’s the weather where you live? There was snow on the ground this morning but despite the current weather, spring really is around the corner. I put together a

Drugstore Mascaras | Best | Volume | Maybelline | Top | Loreal | Essence | Good | Rimmel | Review | Primer | Dramatic | Eyelashes
March 5, 2018

Drugstore Mascaras You Need to Try


Mascara is my true makeup love. It’s a simple product but it makes such a big difference. My eyes are my favorite feature on myself and I like the way

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas | Caitlin Cosmetologist
January 31, 2018

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


I’m a big fan of any chance to celebrate, so I’m all for Valentine’s Day. If you’re not into it, see my post from last year, How To Be Single