Hair Tips for Quarantine | Caitlin Cosmetologist | With everything going on, we just want to feel like ourselves. Here are some hair tips for quarantine that will help you feel a little more put together.

Every 7 weeks, I get my hair cut (trimmed if you will) to keeps the shape. My appointment was scheduled for the week after the city shut salons down soooo, my hair is definitely starting to feel heavy and is

Products for Second Day Hair | Caitlin Cosmetologist
August 28, 2017

Products for Second Day Hair


A few years ago a friend said “Eww” when I mentioned that I don’t wash my hair everyday. Fast forward to today and many clients and friends ask me how

Drugstore or Prestige- Which Is Better? | Caitlin Cosmetologist
June 16, 2017

Drugstore or Prestige- Which Is Better?


In the social media beauty world there is a clear distinction between drugstore products (aka low-end) and prestige products (aka high-end). You’ll see bloggers refer to “affordable products” or YouTubers