How to Stop Impulse Shopping | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Shopping online can be so convenient but it's also so easy to get carried away. Here are my tips to help you stop impulse shopping!

How to Stop Impulse Shopping


I’m a retail therapy kinda gal, through and through. And let’s just say that 2020 was a year of online shopping for me. You, too? At the start of quarantine, my friend and I

Wellness Journey Checkup | Caitlin Cosmetologist

Wellness Journey Checkup


Hello, hellooo! I first incorporated wellness into my blog back in mid 2017. I planned to do a wellness journey checkup post about a year later to share how it had gone for me.

What I've Learned Being A Girlfriend | Tips | Relationships | Life | Boyfriend | Truths

What I’ve Learned Being A Girlfriend


I’ve officially been someone’s girlfriend for 2 years now. (Well, since the middle of October but I just couldn’t get this post right *shrugging girl emoji*.) That’s still strange to me. I spent all

Why I Use Essential Oils | Young Living | Health | Products | Natural Remedies | Wellness

Why I Use Essential Oils

Lifestyle Wellness

For a few years now I’ve dealt with allergy problems and symptoms related to acid reflux. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to take a bunch of pills. Especially when they don’t

What Sorority Is Really About | Sorority | NPC | College | Greek Life | Recruitment | Sisters | Life

What Sorority Is Really About


As I continue talking about wellness and try to incorporate more personal development topics into my blog, I realize that I have some explaining to do. In order for me to share my insights