How to Be Happy for Others | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Do you find it hard to be happy for those around you when life isn't going your way? Here are some ways to shift your mindset that can help!

How to Be Happy for Others


It seems like this last year was fabulous for some people and terrible for others. I haven’t seen many descriptions in between. While I applaud those that had a great year and found positives

What I've Learned Being A Girlfriend | Tips | Relationships | Life | Boyfriend | Truths

What I’ve Learned Being A Girlfriend


I’ve officially been someone’s girlfriend for 2 years now. (Well, since the middle of October but I just couldn’t get this post right *shrugging girl emoji*.) That’s still strange to me. I spent all

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What Online Dating is Really Like


Last weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary. I don’t talk about him much on here or my social media because I don’t want to be the one sharing things about his life