Long-Lasting Self-Tan Tip | Caitlin Cosmetologist | Like to apply self-tanner at home but feel like it doesn't last long? Here's a simple self-tan tip that will help it last longer! 

Long-Lasting Self-Tan Tip


It’s no secret that a good self-tan makes me feel like a new woman. And I love doing it at home to save money. But self-tanning does take some time to apply every week,

2 Products That Fade Acne Scars | Caitlin Cosmetologist | The worst part of acne is probably the scars it leaves behind. I'm happy to report I finally found 2 products that fade acne scars!

2 Products That Fade Acne Scars


The worst part of acne is probably the scars it leaves behind. Especially, when you don’t pick at the blemishes and they still leave red bumps behind! Acne scars can look different for different

Self-Tanning Products I Recommend | Caitlin Cosmetologist Products that last well are the most important part of self-tanning at home. Here are my current recommendations for self-tanning products.

Self-Tanning Products I Recommend


Over the last year, I’ve tried several new self-tanning products. If you haven’t yet, read my self-tanning tips. As I mentioned in that post, I self-tan at home on a regular basis. Having the

A Pale Gal's Guide to Self-Tanner | Caitlin Cosmetologist Self-Tanner | Tips | DIY | How to Apply | For Fair Skin

A Pale Gal’s Guide to Self-Tanner


There are so many posts out there with tips for using self-tanner. But, as an avid self-tanner, I must have one on here on my blog, too. I’ve been self-tanning here and there for

Fall Beauty Favorites | Caitlin Cosmetologist

Fall Beauty Favorites


The weather has been so strange here in Northern Illinois. People always say Midwest weather is unpredictable, but I’m still never ready for it. There were a few cool days but it was still